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Just put on dark lipstick and act like nothing happened

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Anonymous asked: Do you believe that misandry doesn't exist?





women can certainly hate men (and have every right to) but it is nowhere near the same level as misogyny. misandry is a result of misogyny.

misogyny is a systematic hatred of women that affects every part of our lives, jobs, education, medical attention, bodily autonomy, violence, among other things.

there is no such thing as systematic hatred of males, therefore if misandry is real, it is not just the opposite of misogyny. It is simply individuals being unsatisfied with their oppression… 

misandry is like someone shooting you in the face and you not liking them… fucking logical

"but what about the shooters feelings? I mean okay not all gun-owners shoot people in the face, I mean, a lot of them just shoot you in the knee. what about their feelings, what about them? and some people are just happy selling bullets to the gun-owners, and some are just making the guns, I mean GOD!! when will this gun-phobia end??"



ʖ haha got ur nose

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"privileged kids go to counseling, poor kids go to jail."
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A radical feminist construct of feminism roots women’s oppression in reproductive biology and sex-gender systems. According to radical feminists, patriarchy (the systematic oppression of women by men) subordinates women in sex-specific ways by defining women as beings whose primary functions are either to bear and raise children or to satisfy male sexual desires. The liberation of women requires the dismantling of patriarchy, particularly male control of women’s bodies.

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LOL. Two 12 year old MRAs seem to think that women = feminist. Its said when people think they have proof of something but only make themselves look like idiots. Waaah, please point out more irreverent things and claim feminists are bad people.

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